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Michael Chekhov Training Intensive since 1994

Actors, Directors, Teachers and Care Professionals

NMCA returns to Las Cruces, New Mexico for the

Summer 2016 Chekhov Training Intensive

See info for Actors, Teachers and Directors below, find additional information, and register. Check the story about our new Deeper by Demand advanced workshop after the Summer Intensive.

New Mexico State University

June 5 - 10, 2016 (June 11 for Teacher Candidates)

Over 60 Hours of Learning and practicing Chekhov tools for Actors









Experience 7 Keys to Mastery with Michael Chekhov's Acting Techniques

Teacher Candidates

NMCA Certification


Over 70 Hours of Learning and practicing Chekhov tools

In a single week, you'll experience all the tools on the Chart of Inspired Action given by Mr. Chekhov to Mala Powers and developed over 20 years by NMCA. The Chekhov Training Intensive provides teachers with a full set of pedagogical principles and the complete toolbox to teach them.

Certifications completed rapidly within 1-year or gradually up to 3-years

Teacher Certification in Teacher Certification Program Guide.

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Deeper by Demand:

An Exploration of Stage Combat and Chekhov

Arlington, Texas
Date: To Be Determined

An ADVANCED Chekhov training opportunity

for Actors and Teachers, Alumni of any Chekhov Training Intensive, Bootcamp, or Foundation Course
5-day advanced training beyond Chekhov Training Intensive. Delves more deeply into Chekhov techniques. We will explore Psychological Gesture as a main theme. This program focuses on PG in a slower-paced, more intuitive, psychic and imaginative exercise. We explore veiling of the PG as a tool for every application. As an ensemble project, we will devise and present a piece based on nothing but themes using SynthAnalysis!

Deeper by Demand includes:

A deeper exploration of tools experienced during the Intensive and application to real world acting challenges

The fundamental subject of this exploration is into the depths of Michael Chekhov's Techniques.

And, we explore Rudolf Steiner’s Eurythmy and Steiner Speech Gestures



Gainesville, FL. - December 2016 (TBD)

Registration not yet open; Email Info@Chekhov.net for information.